Virtual Classroom Training

Total Training is excited to offer our customers a new way to access high quality face to face training from our fantastic team of professional health and social care trainers.

The Virtual Classroom provides the same engaging, effective and interactive learning environment provided from the convenience of any device.

With purpose built professional recording studios and dedicated care simulation settings, Total Training offers the highest quality learner experience possible.

Where can I attend the virtual classroom?

The advantage of the virtual classroom is that you can attend from any location. However as with any learning environment please ensure you do not have distractions or background noise.

What device can I use?

We recommend using a device with a larger screen if possible, however you can use any device with an internet connection. This includes : Laptops, tablets and ipads.

How do I connect?

Simply install Zoom on the device you would like to use.
You can download Zoom at
We will email you a link to join the session.

Why choose a Virtual Classroom?

Our virtual classroom offers learners much more flexibility as they are not required to travel to a venue.
Reducing costs and time, whilst making it much more convenient for the learner.

Is this e-learning?

No, absolutely not. This is high quality face to face training provided in an alternative format.
All the benefits of effective and interactive classroom learning by qualified professionals in their field.

What subjects can be in a Virtual classroom?

All of our most popular courses and programmes are available.
This includes Induction programme, Update programme and mandatory courses.
We are actively updating the courses with virtual options so please contact us if there are any subjects you are interested in.

How do I book my staff of Virtual Training?

You can book in exactly the same way as before.
Give us a call and we will do it all for you or book online via the website, just pick your subject and the date you would like your staff to attend.


Quality Experience

Total Training have a professional recording studio and production values. This means we produce the best quality HD output, with clear picture and sound.

Extensively developed training programmes with innovative, fun and involving content.

The full classroom experience from the convenience of your device.



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